Why Trump is a merchant at the core

Dear Mr. Anthony Fauci,

Please allow me to address you like this. As a fellow scientist, I would like to inform you why your precious President Trump is telling his people things which are not really scientifically valid.

Merchants have a habit of throwing away suppliers and customers they consider not profitable from, and that is to tell them things that would make them suffer a loss, or to provide non-prime services and goods to make sure they are not coming back.

If they are running a restaurant, they would give these undesirable customers a bad place to sit in, worse food and less service. If it is a supplier, they would give them investment tips that would make they broke (in worst scenario), for example.

US is swarmed by a migrant and insufficiently competitive population the government can no longer provide for adequately. If equality and fair competition is the basis of the US economy, Trump would definitely make use of the COVID-19 to "shave these people off".

Any wise man would trust a healthcare professional more than a merchant in the case of surviving a pandemic. US has freedom of speech so medical professionals are to be trusted compared to merchants in such topics.

For the US, there are just too many people who don't believe in science and the professionals. These people are UNDERMINING the economy in the long run, and forging grounds for foreign control based on conspiracies and biased information. If these people can be given a hard lesson, this is the only chance.

COVID-19 is not really a lethal weapon, and the US is large enough for people to spread out, and so the epidemic will not simultaneously boom in all cities. Next time, the culprit might be much more powerful and it would be too late, since those people who don't trust the authority will still not obey the hygiene rules nor take any vaccine. This is now the chance to educate people what NOT to trust. Having some elderly and sick people die in batches will also certainly improve the budget in the long run.

I understand that this goes WAY BEYOND what a scientist can do. It is exactly because Trump has the perfect excuse of saying scientifically wrong things, and the cold gut of a great(in the aspect of making profit) merchant, he is now doing what only he can do -- ordering unwise people to follow stupid instructions.

Please teach the people who to trust next time after the pandemic is over, and let the US people learn their hard lesson now. If they are given the freedom of speech, they should also learn how to be wise and what to trust. It is lucky that COVID-19 is not really lethal for most. All those painful losses of lives will prove to be worthy if people learn the lesson well. There are just SO many people who have lost their trust in science over the years where companies conducted biased researches and undermine public trust.

People did not suddenly lose trust in science. US is never a part of heaven, and what you are seeing is not only the fruit of Trump's "misconduct".

Democracy also entails the responsibility to make wise decisions, thus be educated on scientific issues (even if knowing them won't make you earn more money) and take responsibility oneself for trusting the wrong person. Democracy is never meant to be a cheap game of "follow the great-looking and easy-going leader" nor an easy solution for hard problems.

Hopefully, the US' pandemic tragedy will teach all the people in the world a hard lesson on freedom of speech, democracy and science.

Yours sincerely,
A HK resident who have been reading the US news

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