To those who told me to leave

When I was younger, many people told me if I was dissatisfied with how things work here, I should leave Hong Kong instead of trying to change things. These people are all pro-CCP.

So now I am quite angry that the CCP is saying that it won't be happy to see those who are dissatisfied leaving the country.

Do you understand how I feel? I feel that I am trapped and enslaved.

There is no way for us to thrive here unless we strive for changes. Not letting us leave nor change the system is equivalent to tell us to die a long, painful and unfruitful life.

The core problem for HK is that the population has long exceeded the geographical limit by almost 100%, while the CCP is still pushing people down without giving us MORE LAND. The same problem exists for most larger cities in China, which is why the CCP is stretching itself to keep the people stay put. Read the news and find out how Wuhan government described the number of population there before and after the COVID-19 attack. The increase was in millions. Big cities always attract population. Hong Kong is not a special case here. China has an unfortunate share of city-unfriendly geographical setup so the government is not the only one to blame for all the aftermath created from this overpopulated scenario.

Why won't the CCP just let us go? That will be a happy ending for most.
Denmark is so wise at luring people to spread out to keep its people reasonably happy, but yeah I understand that this is only possible because Denmark is comparatively FLAT(socially as well as geographically). So spreading millions of HK people into the bigger China is not really a good idea or else the CCP would be doing it to cities like WuHan long long ago.

Why should our government stick with what would make the people angry and uncomfortable? Letting HK people go anywhere they like is the only peaceful solution here. China should not give other countries the impression that it prefers violent methods when solving civil problems. That will be basically be telling people that you are evil.

Many children in Hong Kong are always sick and unhappy because of the poor living environment. We will no longer be productive soon from the employers' point of view, with or without the national security law. The saga is ending, which is why so many younger adults are "doing useless things" and very very angry. Most would have noticed that for years, the older generations are complaining that the younger generation is not as good. Productivity of a certain generation is always compromised when the living condition of them (especially when they are very young) deteriorates. Many HK people nowadays have never lived in a place where they can recover from the day's load and need to drag themselves up every day since the start of their memory. Unlike the refugees back 50 years ago, some of them actually grew up in places where fresh air and fresh food are readily available, while physical training was merged into their daily routine. They can therefore survive harsh living conditions later in their lives.

It is time to let us go. For those of us who lost the race at the starting line, life has always been grueling even if we try hard and our only hope of redemption is to go to countries where equality and fair competition is treasured, where we will not put our children into a sad fate of being looked down and despised due to being born to a poor family, without access to a healthy living environment and always struggling with life due to poor health.

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