How HK people become toys

I am quite disheartened to see that the people of HK are becoming toys in the hands of the powers of the world. The mechanism of this unfortunate but perhaps unavoidable turn of events, strangely, dawned on me as I ran in the hills recently.

Running among the hills under the scorching sun, along paths paved by those who came before me, shaded by trees and shrubs planted and cared for by the elders, I have noticed that there are less and less local lads up there.

Most of the people up there, in fact, are not speaking Cantonese at all. Mandarin is the prevailing tongue even with the border closed for tourists. A disproportionate number of foreigners who don't look like Chinese at all are out there too.

I have realized that most so-called HK people who are NOW living in Hong Kong are slaves not only to the economic lures of the high-GDP-low-tax system but the religion that a comfortable life is realized by money, which can buy you practical form of happiness -- they have lost their problem-solving ability outside the thinking frame of "earning and then spending money for a ready-made solution".

What I am trying to say, is that when HK people look for a solution, they tend to limit themselves with "things I can buy". This is a great limitation as HK does not have a substantial manufacturing sector and sales are known to be heavily biased by marketing efforts. Since no one is marketing the idea of running under the hot sun in the hills, people are reluctant to consider the choices out there.

Running long distances (>20km) over the hills under the hot sun requires skills and knowledge. It also requires careful planning in addition to stamina and endurance.

You need to strike a balance as to how much water you should carry (dehydration v.s. heavy load), and how fast you can go (the longer time it takes, the more water you need). Most people would think that it is good to go slowly under the hot sun. The fact is that you should minimize the time you spend under areas where your temperature would rise even if you are not moving. A faster heartbeat brought by an elevated level of movement actually gives a better circulation that would bring your temperature down more effectively (which is why older people have a decreased capacity of heat regulation since their max hearbeat is lower) in addition to generating air currents against your skin will improve evaporation rate and brings up substantial cooling effect.

Sports are fun not because they train you physcially but because you stop improving very quickly unless you think hardly and learn more such that you come up with a solution to overcome the challenges -- or else you would soon be bored. You need to be honest with yourself or else nothing works out nicely. Money cannot solve quite a portion of the problems there and I think the way HK people think significantly limits their chances of continuous participation in sports.

If a group of people are not good at solving problems themselves and can only solve by buying the solutions made and advertised by someone else, they can only become toys of the Powers. They would find the problem of doing housechores and taking care of young children unimaginable without the maids, despite significantly less hours of working and significantly rocketed buying power with the wage per work hour elsewhere.

Remember that most people are only capable of "earning" money while the Powers have multiple ways of "creating" money. You will FOREVER be toys of the Powers if you rely on buying solutions to solve your problems.

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