[Fate of HKers]HK as the cushion behind the SYSTEMS

US might like to keep the waters calm but what happened in the anti-racist protests especially the ANTIFA meddling will force the US to take a stronger stance against China which would inevitably result in substantial conflicts in the near future, much more than banning some goods and stopping certain people from entering the US plus higher taxes for some Chinese imports.

I was told that in the past, the US had fought to secure oil supply, raising proxy wars in the Middle East.

It will be no surprise that the US would like to have some jobs back after the COVID-19 lesson and a good reason to withdraw without China having a chance to sue back is now created... and most importantly, having Hong Kong as a mediator (and cushion) between the Chinese and the West.

I wonder how many cases similar to the Huawei scandal the HSBC had quietly dealt with behind the scenes without being busted. The effort is something no western bank would like to make because of the risk behind.

The CCP also needs HK to cushion the huge demands stocked up inside the 1 billion population, most without higher education and are not adaptive to the modern civilized world where critical thinking, empathy and mutual respect with parties of different values are essential.

HK people's emotion will be toyed by the parties in the process and yes most of us will always be, as usual, exploited systematically, with or WITHOUT the coming disputed law, whoever is going to finalize it.

HKers are needed to take the fists but there are solutions to alleviate the problems:

I have been told to emigrate to other countries since young because my values (which evoluted from my independent thinking) have long departed from the norm (of indulgence).
Unluckily I have been trapped here in Hong Kong due to social control from my family and my career path was hit hard by first SARS, then the financial tsunami (and now the COVID-19). I am not working to my full potential and my life outlook in HK is bleak. No proper housing for years, and no chance for education that would give me a good job to buy a good flat to start a healthy family.

I believe there are quite a number others who would benefit from being granted a new life in a resourceful country, rather than being accused of being "rubbish" and stacking up negative energy everyday.

According to government statistics, there are around 200 thousands of young adults (<40 years) old like me. We have no hope for a normal, respectable and thriving life in HK, China. Not a lot of people are needed to cushion the special needs(especially financial and medical) of the richest from China (who can now fly to other parts of the world to buy thngs they like), so there will not be enough trickling down effect for the youth to benefit from.

If Hong Kong is not going to have an education that promotes creativity and critical thinking, but instead, full of propaganda, and teachers are hired based on their political stance, not their ability to teach, HK education is not attractive to the rich anymore and we will see more jobs in the field being lost in the coming years.

We will be seeing more and more people with good potential losing their chance to shine and having no way to thrive.

So the only solution here, which would satisfy CCP's demand for national security (without establishing laws that would potentially deal heavy damage) and the western's demand for cushioning, is to find some ways for the "have-nots"(no high-paid job, no property and no kids) people under 45 to freely emigrate to any country they want.

If you think many people would be gone permanently, you are wrong. People who are used to indulgence into the HK living style can seldom revert back to a normal life with sustainable development, where entertainment generally means voluntary work (since paid work lasts for much less hours so it is doable). They would just come back quietly and accept their fate of being enslaved.

p.s. Out Topic: This is why racism is so hard to remove. Once you are put under a slave system, many find it hard to be free. It is harder for others not to think badly of such people, and even worse when these "freed people" do something that doesn't fit the society's rules.

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