[SK]HAO and Yoh's Birthday

To fans of "Shaman King", today is the day we all remember the great work of Takei's and reflect upon the years of indulgence in his spirited spiritual world.

It's been more than 20 years since I met what would become "the story which changed my life".

I have met stories that have imprinted themselves upon my soul since very young age. To name a few known to the greater world that speaks English, the "Black Jack" series by Takei's idol, Tezuka in my early teenage years and "Slayers" (anime) just before I met "Shaman King".

I have always been an "author", born with a soul that naturally fights whatever that comes into my way. Not that I enjoy fighting in any sense, but I have a very strong sense of aesthetics since that start of my memory and I cannot understand a way of living without the ART, and the sciences to bring reality closer to what would be less excruciating for me. Story where the author fights seriously with grim situations (especially with no known solution) placed upon the characters are always my favourite type. Superficial topic or the type of background(fantasy, history, reality) doesn't really matter. It is no wonder that I got myself addicted to solving maths problem without being instructed by the textbook/teacher during my lower secondary school years. Getting into the middle of someone else's trouble is not an acceptable behavior for teenagers in reality, nor getting oneself into real trouble.

I can thus strongly relate to both of the Asakura twins, and sincerely enjoy the intimate relationship between Anna and Yoh, albeit I am never a fan of childhood romatic bonds. For me, who's trained in the neuroscience, I truly appreciate and can feel that a man is not a man before 25 -- the human brain is immature and lacking in its most distinguished compartment before this age and one's character is incomplete without that (unless you take to the animal sides of the human potential, that is).

In a way, my birthday doesn't feel all that real, compared to the twins', which is celebrated by SK fans all around the world (supposedly there are nearly a million or so just in Japan, estimated from the sales figures).

HAO and Yoh are similar minds with different memories and experiences and they fight according to the opposing aesthetics born from what makes them very different. The extreme choices made by them demonstrate the possibilities that open up if people are given a different upbringing. HAO, with all the disheartening things happening to him since generations before, fights to build a new world where he can be happy; in most other people's eyes, what he is doing is just what he has repeatedly told them "to give an end to the human beings". Yoh, born into an affluent and privileged family where he can cozily shut himself up in a small world consisting of what he likes, learns, to his great embarrassment, that there are actually people he deeply cares for and are willing to fight for, and quietly admits that his potential to put up a great fight is what has been seperating him psychologically from the others.

It is exactly because "things can be changed such that the results can have a huge difference" that fighting is worth all the pain and trouble.

To me, and perhaps a lot of SK fans around the world, Jump killed the series and made the "official" ending(s) somehow like what happened to Jesus after the crucifixion. There is an ending in each and every one of us who believe in the spirit of the story the Takei team had painfully tried to bring forth to us and we are grateful for being able to meet with HAO&Yoh through SK.

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