[PH]The problem with "Elfs"

Elfs might be a mythical being but the concept behind the way they live is not.

Elfs are said to be very good at mixing into their natural habitat's environment, tapping resources from and nurturing the place they live in. This enables them to live very long, don't need to reproduce a lot, and easily accumulate wisdom to form an advanced civilization from which they can wield immense power.

However, in most stories, Elfs are either on the verge of extinction due to human activities or have completely disappeared from human beings' field of sight (except may be the protagonists).

This is because they don't have a culture which emphasizes reproduction (unlike the human maintstream culture where males are known to indulge in porn, behind the curtain or not), they suffer a huge blow when accidents cut their population down significantly. Secondly, their habitat OFTEN is a huge part of their source of power, and therefore they don't roam the planet surface like human beings (including HK people who like travelling when they are on holidays) do. Their reliance on the habitat and their ability to draw huge power from it often provide an alternative solution to what would be achieved by social co-operation in the human mainstream civilization. They are simply not sociable because no evolutionary force is there to push them, and they suffer from lack of "biodiversity", being unable to mix and match different ideas without hurting each other, and cannot laugh over a cup of coffee or some cans of beer over trivial gossips when they don't agree with each other on important issues. Elf's joy comes mainly from being able to draw and manipulate power from their habitats rather than social interaction like human beings. An Elf becomes evil quite easily when provoked, because as an individual they can always have a good life even if they have a lockdown with social distancing and they easily overpower their enemies if it is on one-on-one basis.

Comparing the topology of this virtual race with existing history and knowledge of the social sciences, I can see many similarities in many facets of our world, from economic and political models of countries, to social developments of individuals with different talents and upbringings.

The key element here is the propensity to find solutions from using non-human existence or other human beings when they cannot do it by themselves.

This is obviously a wide spectrum because non-human existence can have so many variations -- it can be oil, money, it can be A.I. or the internet or the corpus or the power structure, anything you name it, or it can be some virgin forests in Africa.

The "mainstream" human beings are naturally a nature destroyer (no difference in the fictional literature or reality) because they are experts in getting solutions from others and no good at using "the stuffs" themselves, while extremely reproductive (because they can only get solutions from other human beings).

A group of inefficient spenders that always enjoy a population boom is FOREVER an ecosystem disaster inviting culling from other sentient beings living on the same land.

This is the origin of our banal fantasy setting: powerful unsocial groups which easily fight over arguments sprung from conflicting values are always in the process of initiating wars which periodically accidentally cull the booming human population...thus maintaining a tragic ecosystem balance over the years.

OH GREAT. How can we get out of this sad formula?

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