[PH]Why baby girls are killed

I have always wondered why many cultures in the world systematically kill baby girls. According to the laws of evolution, this widespread practice should bring survival advantages.

A recent research data makes me wonder if I have hit the jackpot of explaining the edge of such brutal practice.

This research investigate sex-sensitive neural changes under psychological and physical (immunological) stress.

When boys are either under chronic pressure, or have some inflammation (e.g. allergy caused by pollution), they don't show the same level of change to the neurons as girls do. They need BOTH to get the same change, which would lead to heightened chance of depression during future exposure of the same factors (either of the two kinds of stress).

It means girls who are raised in a poor family OR not loved by those close to her, will have a PHYSICAL risk factor of developing emotional disorder if they don't have a good life afterwards, or catch an inflammatory disease like COVID-19.

This is a huge problem because females tend to be the caretaker, and a depressed one is harmful to not only herself but all those around her.

It means girls who grow up in a harsh environment are easily not viable as a mum.

Killing them when they are a baby might actually save the family precious resources when there was no social benefits nor community support for depressive patients.

Though, obviously, this practice would be a great lost to the society since theoretically for every baby girl killed, it entails a man is not having his bride born into the world and he would see himself as "a loser". This would effectively destabilize the whole area.

The problem is, social benefits don't really work without a full-flown democracy and there are just too many societies which are not compatible with this method of running the machine.

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「HMS Fuji的最後一天」這一段的劇情我覺得概念不錯。最後弄停核彈的一如所料是細菌,而令細菌散播開去的,係隊裡最「弱」但被迫在船裡四處跑的夏。

大家一起看日出的那一段劇情我覺得做得不錯。人類是從大自然進化出來的生物,所以大自然裡本來就存在能滿足人類需要的精神食糧,所以反過來說人工化的居住環境會令人容易精神崩潰。但有精英思想的人很難接受這種想法,因為「日出(對他們來說)來是象徵新一天來臨,也就是更多的艱苦測試和過不到就會死的挑戰」,也因此HMS Fuji的慘劇會用各種形式不斷在現實裡發生。





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Getting away from the 80/20 rule (2/2)

The problem then comes: how do you create a society where people are really working to improve each other's life?

So the first thing would be an education which testifies people's talent effectively. They will know what kind of responsibility they can take when they graduate so they don't ruin their jobs by trying too hard to get a highly paid one which they cannot do well. Such education would generally be very challenging to most but students are persuaded to work hard because the ability to work hard is something comparable to running a marathon. You can't just do it with will power and your endurance is something you gently build for years. No kid can do a marathon you know.

The second thing is DEMOCRACY. It is a system that allows a society to slowly evolve into one that would improve people's lives. People will take turn to propose how their lives could be improved and the society will assess the available resources and do what they can. Improved lives bring in new productivity by releasing people's potential. Technology is innovated to generate more resources and provides novel means to acheive what was seen to be impossible.

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy BECAUSE those who believe in the above theory will work hard to study and try hard to "contribute to the society" in ways befitting of their own talents which they have worked hard to explore and master. They can recognize each other easily and naturally form the core of a competitive and vibrant social system where voices are heard and needs are catered.

Therefore, the "magic" is not really "democracy". It is THE PEOPLE who are trying hard to give each other their best side and actively sought for a better world for all. Democracy is just like a religious motif or ceremony which gives a nudge to people into the way they should walk.

If technology is not there to bring good things to people's lives, many talented people would just stop doing researches and innovations for fear that people's lives would become worse as their work is used to exploit them further -- most people are born with their empathy intact.

This is why the thought of "people should be equal" brings about group productivity and technology advance eventually.

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Getting away from the 80/20 rule (1/2)

Many parents in HK have noted that not only in HK, but in the whole world, top schools and high-achieving figures are often along the Christianity lineage.

No, I am not talking about "religion" or "Christians".

The so-called Christianity lineage, which the Danes seperate from a certain religion, is all about "values people work hard to uphold and how a society is run".

Jesus talked about how people are equal before God.

People thought about how equality can be achieved and sustained.

Once human beings have a goal to attain, working hard and realizing it follows -- talented people often manage to create things that did not exist before.

The concept of "equality" is highly appealing because human beings are social animals. We instinctively feel down when we are not respected by others. When people are depressed, they seldom are productive and often do harm to themselves and others.

Mutual respect needs hard ground to build on. In any social setting, lazy people will not be respected by the hard working ones, but people are lazy because they don't think they can win a game even if they try; while people who work hard naturally are those who think they can win the game of life if they try (and that is the 80/20 mechanism), but then those winning ones would have the very reason to look down on the losers coz the losers didn't even try. People are never born equal in terms of talents. We need SOMETHING that motivates even the mediocre to work hard and that turns out to be a society where people work hard to improve each other's life. There comes the motivation for all to work hard (and thus collective competitiveness).

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等香港這個死結解開,自然就會開打。象徵式的打,打出牙齒印(例如南海無人島被轟)之後就會「絕交」。不同體系的經濟系統互相交流到最後雙方都會崩潰。All for one和one for all的市場平衡點根本就不同。



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[OVA]Pale Cocoon

It has been quite some years since I watched a stand-alone OVA of the length of a normal anime episode.

People had moved to the Moon and the memory of the old life on Earth has become something people no longer want to know about, something no more than records on some old newspaper cuttings lying in a drawer.

When the protagonist watched the decoded MV about the trip people were forced to take due to the deteriorating Earth environment, he finally got the motivation to leave the underground facilities and saw, for the first time in many centuries may be, a blue Earth...

To many artists, human beings are like cancer cells of Earth. We multiply at an enormous speed, taking up spaces and other natural resources from other species, squeezing out all the normal ecosystems and build our own, with a consumption rate so alarming that our history has been full of bloody wars.

This view can be presented from the negative angle such as this one: when people are managed such that we are self-contained, people lack the energy to live on. Even if there is only one male and one female in the vicinity, where people are obliged to form a relationship for survival of the species, spark just doesn't really occur.

This short work is a very powerful and emotional reflection on who we are. Human beings are energized by luxury and abundance because we are highly intelligent.

The Earth is just a cradle which we are destined to climb out from. We are not entitled to ruin the cradle for the sake of other animals that share the same planet as us. We should make our leave before we soil the whole planet, and we should master the technology to fully provide for ourselves (not just barely surviving) in the deep space before time runs out.

It is a short story without any real action or romantic spark but it has a powerful aftertaste of which most audience would be able to feel.

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David production真的很能發揮大久保老師的那種分鏡和人設的獨特「視覺表情」。看完真的有那種全身像是被火鳳凰的火焰更新了一次的威力。



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[Netflix movie]Ni no Kuni (Second Kingdom)

I really didn't expect my childhood dream composer Joe Hisashi would be doing film music nowadays, and Ghibli doing the character design and recycling their design of Howl and Ashitaka (mixed together) certainly managed to ring something really weird in me.

Joe's "music vocabulary" is very easy to recognize especially when it comes to fantasy anime like this one. Ghibli's character design must be used with particular script and personality settings and this story definitely doesn't maximize the "magic" that has always been brought by the time-tried duo. I do sympathize that Netflix productions are usually very compact in its time schedule so many things just don't really match up.

I didn't play the game so the setting was a bit of surprise to me. For me, Haru and Yu don't look like the "same" soul to me at all. I have read many stories with similar settings such as Clamp's Tsubasa Chronicles and I really feel that the special chemistry of "two innately similar characters from two different worlds isn't well played in this presentation of the script.

The plot is actually very good in terms of creative concept. I really like the ideas such as similar people from different worlds crossing the boundary to help each other out, while lives of linked souls share their fate despite never meeting each other face to face.

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Feeling Canon and being unwise

Recent outbreak of COVID-19 in groups which identify themselves with the "canon" political stand hints at the trap where people overgeneralize their image of being "correct" and make unwise decisions that is downright "stupid" from other's point of view.

No doctor would approve of 20 people chatting and eating (=without mask and high chance of spreading virus) in a crowded small space (such as a non-luxurious flat in Hong Kong) or hundreds of people eating, dancing and singing without masks in an indoor space for hours, under current global health circumstances.

Remember they were not only putting themselves in danger. There were elderly people in those groups, and these people should at least be pals, if not loved ones who share the same political views (or hobby). Theoretically speaking they should not be happy to see their dear friends attached to a ventilator.

It is VERY dangerous to laugh at these people for being "selfish" because we will forget that it is the darker side of human nature behind such mistakes. Being intentionally evil is perhaps preventable by a good strong will. Unconsciously so is much harder to stop.

How the Italian doctors back then not very long ago reacted to the suggestion of washing their hands before tending their patients. They meant no harm to their patients albeit they sure have killed some of them with literally dirty hands.

Human nature is full of twists and therefore laughing at others for their mistakes is perhaps the most dangerous thing one can avoid from doing.

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COVID-19 is the world-changer of 21st century

As the world population increases, and more permafrost melts, more episodes like the COVID-19 is going to enter human history.

Many things will change PERMANENTLY.

Social distancing is the key to slow down transmission of novel diseases and this will change how people with low income is going to entertain themselves. Large social gatherings such as going to bars to watch soccer will no longer work.

The global similarity of low-income jobs is that people will feel very lonely and boring with social distancing. They are very prone to melancholic episodes and substance abuse leading to sudden death will soon surge.

Drug trafficking will soon regain a significant role in the economy of the less developed world and countries will have to resort to being unfriendly to each other on the surface to stop extradition in order to keep the related criminal activities supporting the economy in the dark.

Bickering over minor issues, using strong words that is going to offend the other side is the telltale sign of such a state of affairs.

Things are turning ugly in many aspects for human history. I can see many forces are working hard to recreate the straited social structure seen in the history textbooks in developed parts of the world. Forums are filled with posts that are made to elicit negative feelings in those who are blessed with more resources than the others.

Remember life is NEVER fair and therefore we exist for each other to make the world a better place to live in. You might despite someone for being poor and unable to support their family. It might just be that the society is not wealthy enough to pay them properly for their jobs (which is in huge demand), or invest enough for them to release their potential. With the same line of logic, people who insist that people should be happy for being poorly paid (saying it is a virtue to be poor) or trying to say a life without sustainable development to be "a norm" one should see as a blessing, is also trying to create stratification that would take centuries to overcome.

The black people of US has not yet able to overcome the stratification created 200 years ago. This is because once people think being poor is a virtue and a life without sustainable development is a blessing, they will build aesthetics and learning habits that would create tragedies once they stray away from their pathetic state.

Real evil always makes you satisfied with what you should not be happy with.

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p.s. 約五百年前丹麥首都都「散水」了一次,最後人口跑了一半,才能保住繁榮穩定至今。丹麥傳統一向珍惜言論自由(不是我說的),所以「散水」之必要性和民主之類的政見分歧其實沒有關係,純粹就是物理需要。

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Being true to your audience

I dislike recent versions of Samsung and Apple's phone camera softwares for their dishonest makeup of the colors for the photos taken with their products. It might be nice to take a picture of a mundane scenery and have the machine rendering the colors to make it presentable on IG or FB.

However, as an experienced hiker, I don't need that function.

My 4-yr-old HTC is reasonably honest in this aspect and I can capture the kind of photos like the one below without difficulty, and I'd like to tell my audience that "this is exactly what I saw on that day".


My next phone (the current one's battery is obviously degrading) is going to be one which boasts of "being true to the real colors".

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