Dysfunctioning crisis

If you investigate the way those successful bad guys do things, you will realize how their tactics are similar to the global advancement of COVID-19.

1. They partner with those who would cover up their bad doings, particularly if they lack the resources to fight against the evil forces.

2. They are only mildly harmful to most of the population, while feasting on the weak, isolated and "undesired" people. Drug dealers are not known to approach functional and famous guys like Trump to sell their "goodies", but desolate youth on the street.

3. People stigmatize the victims in addition to not helping them to get out of their vulnerable situation, as a result they put their guards down, thinking that they will not be "a valid target".

As an SF author, I have termed this "disaster formula" which can generate as many dark fictions as the publisher would like to have, the "dysfunctioning crisis".

There are a number of ways to end the crisis, and the obvious ones are all those things Chiense people don't like doing in general, because they are against the traditional culture such as a family-based resource distribution scheme and the social responsibility of working on the empowerment of the weak.

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從Kiddy Grade年代(那時是還會從電視上看動畫的年紀)就知道後籐圭二非常能貼中本人的「動畫」喜好——用平面設計(如分鏡)去到角色舉手投足如何發揮人設魅力、角色關係的味道如何透過身體語言的交流去顯現出來等等那種Ghibli一直在追求的「演出」的高度。


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[Hiking]High West Sunset

This week I had the time to go up this hill which is perfect for watching sunset.
The following link leads you to a video taken on High West this week:
Beautiful sunset on High West

p.s. updated the week's entries

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No one is better than the others

It is very dangerous when people start to think that they are better than the others because they are from, for example, a different country.

History has shown that people had committed the same mistakes OVER AND OVER again, with dire consequences.

Individual differences shape people's experience so many are not ready to accept the statistical truth behind Gente's Law, which states that people should not believe that one is better than the other.

When people believe of their own superiority, then tend to see problems as the innate properties of "inferior groups" and miss the chances of preventing the same problems arising from themselves.

The COVID-19 pandemic is just another failure in the same line.

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Spoilt the party and please don't ruin my cake

There are too much discussions around the infamous "#23" so that I need to point out, although I am not a professional legal personnel, that HK doesn't need #23 at all.

First, there are existing laws which can be used to curb physical activities that threatens the sovereign of CCP of mainland China.

CCP has a big army if you compared it to the number of people in HK who have access to any weapon that can be used in military combat.

There is NO way HK can threaten CCP through physical siege. If China is concerned with how HK is threatening its rule, then it must be through financial or political, perhaps information-wise influence.

It is unfortunate that CCP needs HK as a gatekeeper for capital flow but for HK to fulfill this role, it needs free information flow, democracy and a healthy legal system. I sympathize with CCP which considers the latter trio a threat to its sovereign.

HK doesn't need #23. To be honest, CCP just needs to change the way it is ruling China or else everything will become a deadlock.Scientifically speaking CCP consists of human beings that are found in all parts of the world and therefore they are capable of making wise decisions -- or else, the aftermaths of COVID-19 will force CCP to forfeit its ruling rights eventually: China took 10 years to fend of "little Japan". Guess what would happen if the whole world is against it.

HK, with #23 or not, is not really the cause behind what is going to happen. With all the "physical damage" by the "rioters", restaurants and retailers are ready to point out that they are suffering many times more due to COVID-19 and everybody on Earth knows COVID-19 has nothing to do with "HK rioters". This is absolutely the WRONG time to raise the subject of #23 again.

It is like spoiling the whole party yourself with everyone looking at you and then you started pointing your finger at your kid saying "you are not going to ruin my cake".

This is just lame.

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WWIII has come

Many people do believe that WWIII will have a different form than the two that came before. Some proposed electronic, economic or biological warfare.

Reality is a mix of all three.

There are many ways to attack other countries than guns and missiles, and the same goes for claiming resources from other sovereigns.

Bullets and missiles travel quickly so the impact is within seconds or hours.

Not so with information dispersion, resource(including human resource) allocation and the spread of pathogens and toxic materials.

It is a war where the army can, at best, try to keep their own people (whom they should protect) live an orderly life and help with tidying the mess (dead bodies will still be mass produced).

To be honest, as a SF writer, I have been looking into this issue for quite some time but it is very hard to make people read stuff they won't be happy at, and fighting in these realms consist of tactics that are so evil which I am genuinely concerned if it is actually ethical to write such grim plots out to the public. People want entertainment, which is basically ensurig them "it is easy to do the most difficult things that can be done". They panick when they are told difficult things are not easy (well).

Bill Gate was said to have warned the powers against events like COVID-19 pandemic and volunteered to help but no one was taking him seriously. Well, all teachers had done to same thing, urging students to study before exams, offering help and guidance and everybody knows what happens afterwards.

It is not really about exams or a potentially lethal and highly transmissible virus.

The origin is that a normal human being doesn't like to work nor pay the cost to prepare for something uncertain in the future. Just like you shouldn't know what questions will come up in an exam, you don't know what pathogens will come up too. You need to prepare a lot (days of study) just to finish the question paper which lasts for only a few hours or so.

Yes, it all stems from human nature.

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[FGO動畫]絕對魔獸戰線Babylon 17-21(本季完)









p.s. 所以像我這種幼稚園就自行想通了這個「自主性的重要」的道理的傢伙,根本就是天生的丹麥人OTL

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Reverse Engineering of Illiberal States


This essay has "accidentally" mentioned the COMMON problem found in contemporary Asian societies.

National identity and class confidence are forged through fixed description of the different walks of life and fixed religious rituals and beliefs. A typical example would be "elites are those which are good at learning and producing, while the poor are dirty, lazy and stupid".

Such concepts of society discourage people from giving resources to the needed while encouraging unsupported confidence in the ruling parties, often resulting in frequent mishaps diminishing resources that would have helped the minorities to stand on their feet which would justify liberal policies.

It was recorded that Italy was once like this a little more than 100 years ago. It is not very surprising that they are now running into big trouble due to COVID-19, as bad things take time to eliminate after centuries of growing roots in the culture.

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p.s. 更新了這三天的格文。

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This is not looking good at all

I have been purchasing the usual grocery and couldn't help noticing that the shops had prepared for a complete shutdown and new items/discounted items for the poor to get the necessary nutrition were up in the shelves.

This is the first time I have truly felt fear in my life in reality (having nightmares don't count ok?). I have been nervous during exams and dictations but my meager knowledge in history is warning me that a highly transmissible and elusive virus that is really dangerous because it can evolve at such a speed where people just get sick again and again without end until most people left have efficient antibodies against it.

Flu kills too, but most people do not really need any medical attention (or else the Japanese would be quite dead since they have a habit of, for example, going to work for 10 days with a fever). COVID-19 is NOT as lenient. At least one tenth of the patients really need professional support to get through. The hospital systems, anywhere in the world you can name, are NEVER prepared for mass infection of such caliber.

Which means the ACTUAL death rate, if COVID-19 is let free to run like the flu (which actually has got some vaccines), is nearly 10%, as in Italy.

Worse, many profitable economic activities, not including the cruise ships which are just the tip of the iceberg, revolved around old people who have accumulated some capital. For them , investment probably means giving the money to somebody else to manage. They don't go to work so they spend their time doing leisure activities and most of the entertainment (by volume) is actually targeted to this market. Medical needs as well as full time caregivers get their demand mainly from this group. The property market is profitable because the old people can afford to live in the rural areas, can buy new flats in the city center and lent them to the young adults who need to work long hours -- since the buyer is NOT the young adults, the developers can puff their work up with nice decorations and sell the flats as "luxurious items" even though the living condition is really bad (small and dirty design). The real users (like me) would certainly vote against such practices and refuse to buy (costs millions, so must be picky) while pressuring the government to set up laws which would protect the living condition of one's future HOME.

It means many companies would go bankrupt and even if they are saved by the government they will no longer be able to get easy profit like they did. Banks would take a huge blow and many people will lose their jobs (which is about making easy money out of the elderly -- no I don't mean they didn't work hard or had cheated, but that the "technical difficulty" of their business operations is not that high).

Technical difficulty is a REAL wall. Years of music training had given me a strong belief that there are things which people, as a group, have difficulty dealing with. When it is about important things like economy and social stability, the results will be much worse than playing a piece badly.

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[anime review]Magic Highschool Deviant OVA

The title has suggested a more poetic image than the story did managed to present.

As usual, this series does not really want to get into the characters' psychological states. The relevant expressions are reduced to the minimum to enable a smooth flow for the plot.

Fighting scenes are not very enjoyable since the audience usually has a good idea of how the characters fight and this show is a Sci-Fi rather than fantasy one like Soul Eater so they tried hard to make the fights look reasonably real, which means boring.

Despite all these shortcomings, fans should be able to understand how the Shiba siblings must have felt towards the unfortunate girls who're losing their personalities due to unethical magic operations. The pain of forfeiting a core part of yourself in return for the chance to thrive in the society is one of the main setups of this series that is well liked by some and hated by the others.

魔法高中劣等生》是經典的「惡評如潮」的作品,被笑稱「魔劣」——男主角因為魔法能力異常而被「魔改」(小誤)導致表情有如Hello Kitty(簡而言之啦),但其他威能開超大所以作品有大量鏡頭給男主角耍帥,因而給某些有心傷的觀眾留下非常惡劣的印象。





p.s. 又是中文版和英文版根本是兩篇不同的文……其實這大概已經是雙重人格的範疇了吧?不過這也如實反映了我看過的不同語系的影評有很大的質差,導致同一個人同一時期換個語文寫,成品根本不同路向。

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Why Globalization brings Pandemic and Breakdown

I have not dared to propose this theory before but I would like to point out now that if we don't stop globalization we will have more COVID-19-like breakdown for sure.

Novel pathogens appear from time to time. It could be due to human activities or random natural events. Globalization entails people gathering into crowded spaces for economic development, and often these crowds share similar lifestyles including consumption pattern and production role. As a result, they are subjected to the same risk factors.

This is totally AGAINST the rule of biodiversity, and brings forth a fragile ecosystem -- this time round, the endangered species is called "Homo Sapiens".

We have read from textbooks how decreased biodiversity due to farming or hunting could bring mass extinction at the end. We were not told that this effect is limited to wild animals and plants, and we are never assured that human beings are not subjected to the same laws of nature.

A lot of people would instantly tell me that the original concept of biodiversity is not about stratification of the human society over regions. However, from a computational point of view, the "names" do not matter. What matters are the relationships and FUNCTIONS described by the model.

"Food chain" is a primitive model of the chain of economic activities. Both are chains of consumption and production, resulting in growth, reproduction of consumption units
and sometimes death.

If you have a large field of the same crop, when it gets sick, the whole field is often sick soon. Biodiversity offers the members protecion as a horde. Globalization makes many places highly dependent on a single economic activity, be it tourism, parts manufacturing or finance. When a place is down, the other parts of the world will also be down soon, just like breaking the food chain where the memebrs can only depend on few other memebers.

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