Getting away from the 80/20 rule (2/2)

The problem then comes: how do you create a society where people are really working to improve each other's life?

So the first thing would be an education which testifies people's talent effectively. They will know what kind of responsibility they can take when they graduate so they don't ruin their jobs by trying too hard to get a highly paid one which they cannot do well. Such education would generally be very challenging to most but students are persuaded to work hard because the ability to work hard is something comparable to running a marathon. You can't just do it with will power and your endurance is something you gently build for years. No kid can do a marathon you know.

The second thing is DEMOCRACY. It is a system that allows a society to slowly evolve into one that would improve people's lives. People will take turn to propose how their lives could be improved and the society will assess the available resources and do what they can. Improved lives bring in new productivity by releasing people's potential. Technology is innovated to generate more resources and provides novel means to acheive what was seen to be impossible.

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy BECAUSE those who believe in the above theory will work hard to study and try hard to "contribute to the society" in ways befitting of their own talents which they have worked hard to explore and master. They can recognize each other easily and naturally form the core of a competitive and vibrant social system where voices are heard and needs are catered.

Therefore, the "magic" is not really "democracy". It is THE PEOPLE who are trying hard to give each other their best side and actively sought for a better world for all. Democracy is just like a religious motif or ceremony which gives a nudge to people into the way they should walk.

If technology is not there to bring good things to people's lives, many talented people would just stop doing researches and innovations for fear that people's lives would become worse as their work is used to exploit them further -- most people are born with their empathy intact.

This is why the thought of "people should be equal" brings about group productivity and technology advance eventually.

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Getting away from the 80/20 rule (1/2)

Many parents in HK have noted that not only in HK, but in the whole world, top schools and high-achieving figures are often along the Christianity lineage.

No, I am not talking about "religion" or "Christians".

The so-called Christianity lineage, which the Danes seperate from a certain religion, is all about "values people work hard to uphold and how a society is run".

Jesus talked about how people are equal before God.

People thought about how equality can be achieved and sustained.

Once human beings have a goal to attain, working hard and realizing it follows -- talented people often manage to create things that did not exist before.

The concept of "equality" is highly appealing because human beings are social animals. We instinctively feel down when we are not respected by others. When people are depressed, they seldom are productive and often do harm to themselves and others.

Mutual respect needs hard ground to build on. In any social setting, lazy people will not be respected by the hard working ones, but people are lazy because they don't think they can win a game even if they try; while people who work hard naturally are those who think they can win the game of life if they try (and that is the 80/20 mechanism), but then those winning ones would have the very reason to look down on the losers coz the losers didn't even try. People are never born equal in terms of talents. We need SOMETHING that motivates even the mediocre to work hard and that turns out to be a society where people work hard to improve each other's life. There comes the motivation for all to work hard (and thus collective competitiveness).

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COVID-19 is the world-changer of 21st century

As the world population increases, and more permafrost melts, more episodes like the COVID-19 is going to enter human history.

Many things will change PERMANENTLY.

Social distancing is the key to slow down transmission of novel diseases and this will change how people with low income is going to entertain themselves. Large social gatherings such as going to bars to watch soccer will no longer work.

The global similarity of low-income jobs is that people will feel very lonely and boring with social distancing. They are very prone to melancholic episodes and substance abuse leading to sudden death will soon surge.

Drug trafficking will soon regain a significant role in the economy of the less developed world and countries will have to resort to being unfriendly to each other on the surface to stop extradition in order to keep the related criminal activities supporting the economy in the dark.

Bickering over minor issues, using strong words that is going to offend the other side is the telltale sign of such a state of affairs.

Things are turning ugly in many aspects for human history. I can see many forces are working hard to recreate the straited social structure seen in the history textbooks in developed parts of the world. Forums are filled with posts that are made to elicit negative feelings in those who are blessed with more resources than the others.

Remember life is NEVER fair and therefore we exist for each other to make the world a better place to live in. You might despite someone for being poor and unable to support their family. It might just be that the society is not wealthy enough to pay them properly for their jobs (which is in huge demand), or invest enough for them to release their potential. With the same line of logic, people who insist that people should be happy for being poorly paid (saying it is a virtue to be poor) or trying to say a life without sustainable development to be "a norm" one should see as a blessing, is also trying to create stratification that would take centuries to overcome.

The black people of US has not yet able to overcome the stratification created 200 years ago. This is because once people think being poor is a virtue and a life without sustainable development is a blessing, they will build aesthetics and learning habits that would create tragedies once they stray away from their pathetic state.

Real evil always makes you satisfied with what you should not be happy with.

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What is a Danish coffee break?

1. Spontaneous social function with coffee as the excuse
2. No limitation as to what to discuss
3. Disagreement is not seen as an argument but space for discussion
4. Support your opinions as if writing an academic essay, with facts and solid data
5. Not limited to cafe; venue can be casual such as sitting out in a small park

+ + +
To put it simply, it is NOT something only the Danes can do. I have run it in HK and it works splendidly. This is much better than those typical Chinese gatherings where people just keep badmouthing those who are not present or agreement is mandatory to show respect to the speaker.

Well, it is true that you have to watch out for who you pick, for social functions don't go smoothly if what you are trying to initiate is too far away from their idea of what can be done.

I had been complained of behaving like a Dane -- always having my own opinion for an issue, completed with a barrage of supporting data which makes me hard to sway.

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How HK people become toys

I am quite disheartened to see that the people of HK are becoming toys in the hands of the powers of the world. The mechanism of this unfortunate but perhaps unavoidable turn of events, strangely, dawned on me as I ran in the hills recently.

Running among the hills under the scorching sun, along paths paved by those who came before me, shaded by trees and shrubs planted and cared for by the elders, I have noticed that there are less and less local lads up there.

Most of the people up there, in fact, are not speaking Cantonese at all. Mandarin is the prevailing tongue even with the border closed for tourists. A disproportionate number of foreigners who don't look like Chinese at all are out there too.

I have realized that most so-called HK people who are NOW living in Hong Kong are slaves not only to the economic lures of the high-GDP-low-tax system but the religion that a comfortable life is realized by money, which can buy you practical form of happiness -- they have lost their problem-solving ability outside the thinking frame of "earning and then spending money for a ready-made solution".

What I am trying to say, is that when HK people look for a solution, they tend to limit themselves with "things I can buy". This is a great limitation as HK does not have a substantial manufacturing sector and sales are known to be heavily biased by marketing efforts. Since no one is marketing the idea of running under the hot sun in the hills, people are reluctant to consider the choices out there.

Running long distances (>20km) over the hills under the hot sun requires skills and knowledge. It also requires careful planning in addition to stamina and endurance.

You need to strike a balance as to how much water you should carry (dehydration v.s. heavy load), and how fast you can go (the longer time it takes, the more water you need). Most people would think that it is good to go slowly under the hot sun. The fact is that you should minimize the time you spend under areas where your temperature would rise even if you are not moving. A faster heartbeat brought by an elevated level of movement actually gives a better circulation that would bring your temperature down more effectively (which is why older people have a decreased capacity of heat regulation since their max hearbeat is lower) in addition to generating air currents against your skin will improve evaporation rate and brings up substantial cooling effect.

Sports are fun not because they train you physcially but because you stop improving very quickly unless you think hardly and learn more such that you come up with a solution to overcome the challenges -- or else you would soon be bored. You need to be honest with yourself or else nothing works out nicely. Money cannot solve quite a portion of the problems there and I think the way HK people think significantly limits their chances of continuous participation in sports.

If a group of people are not good at solving problems themselves and can only solve by buying the solutions made and advertised by someone else, they can only become toys of the Powers. They would find the problem of doing housechores and taking care of young children unimaginable without the maids, despite significantly less hours of working and significantly rocketed buying power with the wage per work hour elsewhere.

Remember that most people are only capable of "earning" money while the Powers have multiple ways of "creating" money. You will FOREVER be toys of the Powers if you rely on buying solutions to solve your problems.

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What you will not know(1/2)

I self-studied biochemistry and microbiology a bit for one of my scifi (which I had given up writing) so I could somehow understand what is going on in the research frontier on COVID-19.

There is something that had bugged me recently.

It is known that the new strain running wild now in Beijing is of the evolved one which has a much stronger structure (that would make it stable for longer in air) and a more powerful shape (that would make it hang onto human cells easier) that makes it much more infectious than the original Wuhan version.

What it means is that the virus is evolving along the path that would take it to the realm of being airborne.

This is bad news especially because this will be something all the countries in the world would not let the public know.

Victims of this virus are known to drop dead suddenly due to breathing problems (suffocation). If PCR test is not conducted then no one will know the truth behind. The US data has shown that the virus is more lethal to those from a less-developed culture, even if they are living in the same country and admitted to the same hospital.

My theory is that those who don't keep themselves active won't be able to feel the difference until they are critically ill, and they are so quicker because they don't have a surplus in lung capacity.

This is the more reason for the governments not to inform the people. All governments would like those "unhealthy people" gone from their systems, and even if there are human rights concerns, if the adjacent country is doing the same thing, they have to follow or else they will become the loser in the next round of productivity competition.

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Music Competition 101

This year, many parents have missed their chance to present their kids in the Music Festival due to the rampant COVID-19 forcing the organizer to cancel the event.

I would like to share the words of an angry judge from a past event: (I jotted down some notes and rewrote it for the general audience.)

Competitions have rules. In a music competition, a mature presentation of the musical material is expected.

It means that participants are required to demonstrate TECHNIQUES.

For beginner's level, being able to tune is a discerning criteria between the winners and the losers. Not every starter knows how to tune, but the result would be some of them being able to play in TUNE with the accompaniment and others not.

So if your child is not able to tune, don't send them to a competition expecting them to win. Don't invest too much, don't tell them to practice against their will. Coz they are not going to make it anyway.

Another thing that doesn't need a lot of practice but would make a huge difference is correct posture.

Many children are too disobedient (pissed) or too lazy (tired) to follow instructions. If your child is of this kind of character (state), don't send them to competitions to get scolded. Techniques are there to achieve efficient control of the instruments. If your child cannot get into a good posture, playing well enough to win a prize is beyond sensible expectation. Forcing a child to practice a simple piece more than it should have been (due to incorrect posture) would make them look stupid and hit them hard psychologically.

Rich parents like to get expensive instruments for their kids to make them sound better than the others. A judge is often experienced enough to see through this kind of simple trick. Marks will be given to those who draw out the full potential of their instruments.

Children who are taught and worked properly would have confidence. They understand that science is behind how a simple piece is played well, not talent nor other magical stuffs you can't work on. Parents would be surprised to find that pushing immature children into competitions would demolish their confidence rather than raising it. There are always those who think "try a few times more and they will get through". Sorry, you don't need anything fancy to play some simple piece well. You need to get the critical things correct to get things worked out. Healthy confidence is built from scientific practices.

Most HK children live in cramped spaces and learn their music in very small studio rooms. In a competition, they all play too softly and look very timid as a result, with little audible changes in their levels of dynamics, and can't give a sincerely happy face to the audience. Rich kids who are used to play their instruments in a large living room where there are always some people sitting in, be it maids or guests for example, actually have a huge edge in such competitions. It is true that winners often come from affluent families as a result.

It is therefore very usual to hear the judges confessing over the fact that they would like to see a happy face, a confident performance with sufficient contrasts of dynamics levels -- for which most HK children lack, sadly.

Doing wrong things again and again, aka repeating mistakes continuously is not what makes you better. You are just making yourself suffer and making yourself look stupid. Music education teaches this critical wisdom apart from making music itself and it is because the Chinese have always lacked good music education(parents would ask what good music is for), our history is not something to be exposed to the next generation -- sane people would feel ashamed at such a poor performance over the 5K years.

p.s. I felt horrible when I was taught Chinese history. It looked like a story about hell, with the worst part being people trying really hard to enjoy their tragedies in hell, instead of building something better by removing all the elements that made the place hellish. I totally understand why Chinese history was no longer taught as a seperate subject after the handover. No sane people can relate themselves to such a dark story.

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p.s. 現在香港主流學校都在做「生活訓練」,努力告訴孩子將來非人的生活形態並讓他們天天體會,受不了而父母又無力移民的會「被自殺」(所以他們上街義無反顧)。完。聽說一流的名校從幼稚園就狠狠的在做,做了起碼十年的說,從入學一刻就告知父母在香港「生存」的代價。有理由相信將來香港學童的自殺率會極速飛升。也對,當年香港人有不少是三個落水一個上水的玩法,所以體能、EQ資優生特別多,有人努力「重現」當年的「人口篩選」以延續香港的經濟神話並不出奇……所以出於人道理由我支持世界各國接收香港人道難民——我們為了香港的經濟,就是不可能過人道的生活,而主權國和賺到錢的人都只關心經濟,把基層拿去血汗是「國策」的一部分,係說得很明白的事實。


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所以我就是說不出「我愛香港」這種違背良心的說話。本來就是dead end的進化樹走向,很難不被「拋售」再被「私有化」便於管理。看看那些「愛香港」是不是不斷把香港文化推入死路一條,就知道他們是不是「我愛令我賺錢的香港」。






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Good Designs can be a form of Love

I think a lot of Hong Kong buildings have not run any aerodynamic tests during the design process so fresh air cannot flow into a significant proportion of the flats (some rooms might have no air flow for extended hours at all) and people are prompted to waste much energy generating air flow.

Recently I met an epic room which, even if you open the windows and doors after switching off the air-con, the temperature lasts for more than an hour despite the fact that the room is very small.

Oxygen generally runs out after 3 hours of usage so unless plants are kept under the light, the resident is going to feel dead staying for anything more than 2 hours, and takes hours to recover after leaving the room.

Productivity can be destroyed or enhanced with designs. This i why Danish designs are loved around the world in the circle of practical minds. I have noted its supreme quality in this aspect and believe that the culture behind it is why it has recovered from the COVID-19 lockdown the quickest in the world.

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