Why Trump is a merchant at the core

Dear Mr. Anthony Fauci,

Please allow me to address you like this. As a fellow scientist, I would like to inform you why your precious President Trump is telling his people things which are not really scientifically valid.

Merchants have a habit of throwing away suppliers and customers they consider not profitable from, and that is to tell them things that would make them suffer a loss, or to provide non-prime services and goods to make sure they are not coming back.

If they are running a restaurant, they would give these undesirable customers a bad place to sit in, worse food and less service. If it is a supplier, they would give them investment tips that would make they broke (in worst scenario), for example.

US is swarmed by a migrant and insufficiently competitive population the government can no longer provide for adequately. If equality and fair competition is the basis of the US economy, Trump would definitely make use of the COVID-19 to "shave these people off".

Any wise man would trust a healthcare professional more than a merchant in the case of surviving a pandemic. US has freedom of speech so medical professionals are to be trusted compared to merchants in such topics.

For the US, there are just too many people who don't believe in science and the professionals. These people are UNDERMINING the economy in the long run, and forging grounds for foreign control based on conspiracies and biased information. If these people can be given a hard lesson, this is the only chance.

COVID-19 is not really a lethal weapon, and the US is large enough for people to spread out, and so the epidemic will not simultaneously boom in all cities. Next time, the culprit might be much more powerful and it would be too late, since those people who don't trust the authority will still not obey the hygiene rules nor take any vaccine. This is now the chance to educate people what NOT to trust. Having some elderly and sick people die in batches will also certainly improve the budget in the long run.

I understand that this goes WAY BEYOND what a scientist can do. It is exactly because Trump has the perfect excuse of saying scientifically wrong things, and the cold gut of a great(in the aspect of making profit) merchant, he is now doing what only he can do -- ordering unwise people to follow stupid instructions.

Please teach the people who to trust next time after the pandemic is over, and let the US people learn their hard lesson now. If they are given the freedom of speech, they should also learn how to be wise and what to trust. It is lucky that COVID-19 is not really lethal for most. All those painful losses of lives will prove to be worthy if people learn the lesson well. There are just SO many people who have lost their trust in science over the years where companies conducted biased researches and undermine public trust.

People did not suddenly lose trust in science. US is never a part of heaven, and what you are seeing is not only the fruit of Trump's "misconduct".

Democracy also entails the responsibility to make wise decisions, thus be educated on scientific issues (even if knowing them won't make you earn more money) and take responsibility oneself for trusting the wrong person. Democracy is never meant to be a cheap game of "follow the great-looking and easy-going leader" nor an easy solution for hard problems.

Hopefully, the US' pandemic tragedy will teach all the people in the world a hard lesson on freedom of speech, democracy and science.

Yours sincerely,
A HK resident who have been reading the US news

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How HK people become toys

I am quite disheartened to see that the people of HK are becoming toys in the hands of the powers of the world. The mechanism of this unfortunate but perhaps unavoidable turn of events, strangely, dawned on me as I ran in the hills recently.

Running among the hills under the scorching sun, along paths paved by those who came before me, shaded by trees and shrubs planted and cared for by the elders, I have noticed that there are less and less local lads up there.

Most of the people up there, in fact, are not speaking Cantonese at all. Mandarin is the prevailing tongue even with the border closed for tourists. A disproportionate number of foreigners who don't look like Chinese at all are out there too.

I have realized that most so-called HK people who are NOW living in Hong Kong are slaves not only to the economic lures of the high-GDP-low-tax system but the religion that a comfortable life is realized by money, which can buy you practical form of happiness -- they have lost their problem-solving ability outside the thinking frame of "earning and then spending money for a ready-made solution".

What I am trying to say, is that when HK people look for a solution, they tend to limit themselves with "things I can buy". This is a great limitation as HK does not have a substantial manufacturing sector and sales are known to be heavily biased by marketing efforts. Since no one is marketing the idea of running under the hot sun in the hills, people are reluctant to consider the choices out there.

Running long distances (>20km) over the hills under the hot sun requires skills and knowledge. It also requires careful planning in addition to stamina and endurance.

You need to strike a balance as to how much water you should carry (dehydration v.s. heavy load), and how fast you can go (the longer time it takes, the more water you need). Most people would think that it is good to go slowly under the hot sun. The fact is that you should minimize the time you spend under areas where your temperature would rise even if you are not moving. A faster heartbeat brought by an elevated level of movement actually gives a better circulation that would bring your temperature down more effectively (which is why older people have a decreased capacity of heat regulation since their max hearbeat is lower) in addition to generating air currents against your skin will improve evaporation rate and brings up substantial cooling effect.

Sports are fun not because they train you physcially but because you stop improving very quickly unless you think hardly and learn more such that you come up with a solution to overcome the challenges -- or else you would soon be bored. You need to be honest with yourself or else nothing works out nicely. Money cannot solve quite a portion of the problems there and I think the way HK people think significantly limits their chances of continuous participation in sports.

If a group of people are not good at solving problems themselves and can only solve by buying the solutions made and advertised by someone else, they can only become toys of the Powers. They would find the problem of doing housechores and taking care of young children unimaginable without the maids, despite significantly less hours of working and significantly rocketed buying power with the wage per work hour elsewhere.

Remember that most people are only capable of "earning" money while the Powers have multiple ways of "creating" money. You will FOREVER be toys of the Powers if you rely on buying solutions to solve your problems.

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Extreme weather doesn't discriminate

A deep shudder went down my spine as earlier there were forum accounts which reacted to the Yangtze River flood as if extreme weather would only affect developing countries. Japan is now the next victim. Many other countries will soon join them, just be reminded that you might not be informed if you only get your news from the local channels.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 is now becoming more and more ready to be air-borne. Soon it will make into the news (I read the academic papers first-handed so I am often weeks quicker than the news) though I wonder how many would dare to make an honest report (edit: turns out to be 200+) to the as-usual-the-last-to-know WHO. Disasters brought by extreme weather will prove controlling the pandemic more and more difficult as people run around for their lives while more and more resources become increasingly limited, in addition to the resulting dirty mess which is an established ground for another epidemic.

This is alarming since cities are going to be unsafe when things go really wrong. How can you feed a large number of people when more and more of them are sick and contagious? The COVID-19 has proven to be more infectious in the metropolitan setting (not surprising, huh).

When the supply chain goes down and won't be recovering anytime soon, how are the city dwellers going to grow enough vegetables (which cannot be stored like the grains) in their home to stay healthy? The epidemic won't last very long compared to how long, say, rice or meat, can be stored but certainly much longer than how long fresh vegetables can be kept with the essential nutritional elements.

Hong Kong, with a population of nearly 8 million, will not get itself out of such contingency unless 3 million of us leave and disperse around the world. Dying together solves none of our problems and are only creating sound reasons for international military involvement, which would easily result in WWIII. I advise those capable of surviving elsewhere leave in an orderly manner at their first chance.

I am NOT joking or being sarcastic. If people from a developed region die in hordes without committing any substantial violence, this is the greatest breach of any common sense version of national security.

There are just too many things that is above politics when it comes to survival tactics during catastrophe.

I will repeat: extreme weather doesn't discriminate.

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The curtain is drawn


What you will not know(2/2)

Also, in the areas where people are not spending enough money to keep the malls profiting and working hard enough to keep the office buildings rented so there is money to keep the air-conditioning on high power and make sure the air circulation is disinfected, they will have repeated cases and the community will be "home-ridden", and soon people will be moving out at their first chance.

This is good news for the governments -- cities should be down-sized if they are not viable. What is better than being able to avoid making the hard decision and just let the virus do its job?

Also, since the anitbodies will only last for several months, only critical personnel such as the medics will be given the vaccine, and the general public would have to rely on the active actions of the immune system -- those who have a good life will stay immuned and those who are not will be killed after repeated infections.

The governments that have had their hands full of problems would be very happy to see those who are living a hard life dead sooner -- unhappy citizens are harder to govern and require much more government resources to please.

What you will not know is that every country in the world, under every political system, the government will come to the same conclusion and that is to let the soon-to-be-airborne version of COVID-19 run free.

Yes I would call it COVID-20, the virus that is secretly let to run free (but what other choices do you have? If it is airborne then masks are not really effective).

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What you will not know(1/2)

I self-studied biochemistry and microbiology a bit for one of my scifi (which I had given up writing) so I could somehow understand what is going on in the research frontier on COVID-19.

There is something that had bugged me recently.

It is known that the new strain running wild now in Beijing is of the evolved one which has a much stronger structure (that would make it stable for longer in air) and a more powerful shape (that would make it hang onto human cells easier) that makes it much more infectious than the original Wuhan version.

What it means is that the virus is evolving along the path that would take it to the realm of being airborne.

This is bad news especially because this will be something all the countries in the world would not let the public know.

Victims of this virus are known to drop dead suddenly due to breathing problems (suffocation). If PCR test is not conducted then no one will know the truth behind. The US data has shown that the virus is more lethal to those from a less-developed culture, even if they are living in the same country and admitted to the same hospital.

My theory is that those who don't keep themselves active won't be able to feel the difference until they are critically ill, and they are so quicker because they don't have a surplus in lung capacity.

This is the more reason for the governments not to inform the people. All governments would like those "unhealthy people" gone from their systems, and even if there are human rights concerns, if the adjacent country is doing the same thing, they have to follow or else they will become the loser in the next round of productivity competition.

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Music Competition 101

This year, many parents have missed their chance to present their kids in the Music Festival due to the rampant COVID-19 forcing the organizer to cancel the event.

I would like to share the words of an angry judge from a past event: (I jotted down some notes and rewrote it for the general audience.)

Competitions have rules. In a music competition, a mature presentation of the musical material is expected.

It means that participants are required to demonstrate TECHNIQUES.

For beginner's level, being able to tune is a discerning criteria between the winners and the losers. Not every starter knows how to tune, but the result would be some of them being able to play in TUNE with the accompaniment and others not.

So if your child is not able to tune, don't send them to a competition expecting them to win. Don't invest too much, don't tell them to practice against their will. Coz they are not going to make it anyway.

Another thing that doesn't need a lot of practice but would make a huge difference is correct posture.

Many children are too disobedient (pissed) or too lazy (tired) to follow instructions. If your child is of this kind of character (state), don't send them to competitions to get scolded. Techniques are there to achieve efficient control of the instruments. If your child cannot get into a good posture, playing well enough to win a prize is beyond sensible expectation. Forcing a child to practice a simple piece more than it should have been (due to incorrect posture) would make them look stupid and hit them hard psychologically.

Rich parents like to get expensive instruments for their kids to make them sound better than the others. A judge is often experienced enough to see through this kind of simple trick. Marks will be given to those who draw out the full potential of their instruments.

Children who are taught and worked properly would have confidence. They understand that science is behind how a simple piece is played well, not talent nor other magical stuffs you can't work on. Parents would be surprised to find that pushing immature children into competitions would demolish their confidence rather than raising it. There are always those who think "try a few times more and they will get through". Sorry, you don't need anything fancy to play some simple piece well. You need to get the critical things correct to get things worked out. Healthy confidence is built from scientific practices.

Most HK children live in cramped spaces and learn their music in very small studio rooms. In a competition, they all play too softly and look very timid as a result, with little audible changes in their levels of dynamics, and can't give a sincerely happy face to the audience. Rich kids who are used to play their instruments in a large living room where there are always some people sitting in, be it maids or guests for example, actually have a huge edge in such competitions. It is true that winners often come from affluent families as a result.

It is therefore very usual to hear the judges confessing over the fact that they would like to see a happy face, a confident performance with sufficient contrasts of dynamics levels -- for which most HK children lack, sadly.

Doing wrong things again and again, aka repeating mistakes continuously is not what makes you better. You are just making yourself suffer and making yourself look stupid. Music education teaches this critical wisdom apart from making music itself and it is because the Chinese have always lacked good music education(parents would ask what good music is for), our history is not something to be exposed to the next generation -- sane people would feel ashamed at such a poor performance over the 5K years.

p.s. I felt horrible when I was taught Chinese history. It looked like a story about hell, with the worst part being people trying really hard to enjoy their tragedies in hell, instead of building something better by removing all the elements that made the place hellish. I totally understand why Chinese history was no longer taught as a seperate subject after the handover. No sane people can relate themselves to such a dark story.

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The Damn Dams Diversion

People have been talking about big dams collapsing bringing disastrous floods to the cities lying beside the Yangtze River on the major forums.

I believe it to be a failed propaganda to drive people's attention away from the coming National Security Law, and to distribute ideas that would divide people up. I have been told to watch videos where the speaker used the "collapsing dam" to lure viewers to listen to his ranting of how victims are to be blamed and an OOT lecture on the negative parts of human nature which is taught in "Introduction to Psychology", which I guess only 10% of the population has taken (no I am not going to give the video more views so no links will be given). The end result is that people would point their fingers at the victims and also make the privileged people say ugly things and think only about themselves when the crowd is at risk -- this is war-making 101.

No you are not going to trick me and I am writing this article as a warning.

Yes someone is DEFINITELY trying to wage antagonism within HK, and within China.

If lots of people reply "hell ya die you Chinese" then the CCP would say "look these people are totally worthy of being subjugated". If people stay calm and united, this would be our chance to prove to the world that China is over-reacting and totally in the wrong direction because they just don't understand how to deal with angry educated youth and a family & career-oriented population which is concerned over how the government wasted a lot of resources on the CCP's order rather than supporting local productivity.

p.s. Why would a dam collapse suddenly if water is allowed to flow through? The dams have been there holding water for quite some time already. I would worry over major earthquakes rather than extra water flow, coz the former is definitely less predictable.

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[anime review]Ascendence of Bookworm (2nd season) 1-12(End)

Too bad that this seems to be the end of the series. Many fans from all over the world are lamenting at the fact that there is no more anime to this story.

MSJ, the production unit, is famously linked to the Black Jack series in my memory. I am not too satisfied by its retro-styled animation techniques but Black Jack is well known for its dramatic and sensational plots so animation faults can be overlooked.

I have always been cautious writing stories with magic/ESP because I have found it very hard to explain the power balance in the story. This series has lost its hold at the point where Maine turned a hectre of bare land into grassland in a few seconds with the help of a magical tool, without magic training, learning just the incantation (which works for everyone) is all that was needed.

Do you see what I mean?

Also, an adult who loves reading books and suddenly commented "the nobles were acting up and it was damn scary" before breaking into tears and flung herself into her friend's arms?

I am not quite sure why it would be so. There are plenty of scary things in the library books and I think what happened was just "expected". It might be that Maine has loved this magical world so dearly (finally she can hope to climb up the social ladder and be in power!) that she didn't want to leave it so early.

I guess I am the type of "adventurous" girl rather than a bookworm at the core, so that I love gathering knowledge and wisdom (and so I read furiously despite I was dyslexic) such that I can live through another adventure and have more!

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p.s. 現在香港主流學校都在做「生活訓練」,努力告訴孩子將來非人的生活形態並讓他們天天體會,受不了而父母又無力移民的會「被自殺」(所以他們上街義無反顧)。完。聽說一流的名校從幼稚園就狠狠的在做,做了起碼十年的說,從入學一刻就告知父母在香港「生存」的代價。有理由相信將來香港學童的自殺率會極速飛升。也對,當年香港人有不少是三個落水一個上水的玩法,所以體能、EQ資優生特別多,有人努力「重現」當年的「人口篩選」以延續香港的經濟神話並不出奇……所以出於人道理由我支持世界各國接收香港人道難民——我們為了香港的經濟,就是不可能過人道的生活,而主權國和賺到錢的人都只關心經濟,把基層拿去血汗是「國策」的一部分,係說得很明白的事實。


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